“The feminine, regardless of gender, struggles for recognition of inherent value. Empowered, collaborative support is vital to the sustainability of our efforts.”
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The Dream...

An abundant, self-employed life supporting yourself, your family, and your community, long term is a worthy goal.

Forging a self-starter career path takes determination, intelligence, and support. In a time when our relationship to work is drastically changing from previous generations, there is more need than ever for structural support in manifesting our innovative ideas.

I am here to help.

From student-level, mid-career, to retiring; having support in the nuts-and-bolts of decision making around business are invaluable to an entrepreneur.

Each of my clients traverse unique relationships to:



Managing time

Contracting or going “solo” or “independent”

Professional boundaries


Changing careers


Navigating where the professional gets personal

Current Professional Growth Groups

Providers Resourcing Online Support

In conjunction with Babes in the Biz PROS explores the relationship between sex, money, and power for professionals in the adult industry.

Individuals interested in developing and growing their careers with an intentional peer community dedicated to motivating their work in a healthy, balanced way are encouraged to click here for more information.
Business owners, and future business owners

How we manage resources and information impacts our communities on a local and global scale. At Babes in the Biz, guidance is based on the notion that there is enough for all to live a comfortable, dignified life.

Employees work for the vision, benefit and profit of their employers. Some may find this acceptable, yet many of us would prefer our efforts and visions to benefit and profit us and out communities more directly.

We are no longer educated to create business models that come from a place of abundance and mutual success. In a society as large as ours there is more than enough need for our products and services. Constant competition is exhausting.

Creating a new business in the age of technology requires either that we are masters of multiple trades, or outsourcing tasks. Even if that business offering is a one-to-one service, elevating business outside of a referral system requires multiple platforms.

Too easily the freedom of being your own boss can become perpetual work. Pursuing profitable business, need not come at the expense of our personal needs nor our connection to community.

Babes in the Biz is here to assist in pursuit of a career vision on a psychological level. We are here to collaborate in creating tangible, incremental, and sustainable business practices.

At the end of the day we want to go home feeling our efforts have been useful and appreciated. Creating business networks which elevate all those contributing creates a sense of value inextricably linked to the feeling of success.

So, how do you want your business to support you?
Actors, Models, Musicians, Artists, and Social Influencers

Maintaining a public persona in the age of the internet poses challenges. This creates issues around privacy, public identity ownership, representation. Previously the personas of artists, musicians, and actors were controlled by studios owned by men. This is changing.

The internet allows us greater control over our image, our voice, and our creations.
What is your version of a successful online brand?

Sex Workers

Consensual sex work is an important business deserving of collective, community support. I believe sex industry professionals provide an invaluable service in our society. Sex workers are entrepreneurs. SWrs offer cutting edge perspectives on the intersections of sex and gender. SWrs offer insights into the dynamics of power in society.

I provide guidance for creating practical, sustainable business practices. Together, we can leverage your offering and present a brand that will speak to clients with whom you want to work. I can help you expand to multiple brands, see where you can work in and outside of the sex industry, and dissolve a brand while taking the best with you.

Whether beginning, deep in a career, or seeking a graceful exit, I support my clients personally and professionally. I serve the emotional health and business vitality of sex workers everywhere.

Sex workers are unique business professionals. My offering to this community is intentionally informed and updated by current and former sex industry professionals. I deliberately network with and can make private referrals to:

Sex worker-friendly lawyers,
Web developers,
CPAs, and other professionals.

The industry has shifted over the past year and a half. The landscape has changed. Privacy, security, and freedom of speech are at the forefront of ongoing conversations. In an continued commitment to meeting the needs of my clients, we offer an additionally encrypted email address.

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“Grounded, experienced, and trusted
perspectives are foundational to any entrepreneur...

...For a woman or a gender rebel however, they’re a lifeline.”

Supporting big dreamers creates a tide-shift towards a world where the work we do recognizes our need for creative freedom.

Babes in theBiz is committed to:

Redefining the global relationship to labor, gender, and power.

Bridging the rift between healing the psyche and a nourishing professional career.

Having a positive impact on the entire community surrounding each of our clients.

Building networks of mutual support.

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For local individuals I offer walking and sitting coaching sessions in the Mission, in San Francisco.

For groups and those further afield I meet by video, and phone across the globe. Initial consultations are by phone (VoIP) for about 15 minutes. In that time you can lay out your overarching goals, ask any questions you might have of me and see if we’re a good fit.

Or you’re welcome to dive right in and book a first session.

This is where our journey begins.

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