Business and Executive Function Coaching

For students, entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, entertainers, and relentless hustlers manifesting their dreams into reality.

Babes in the Biz offers informed, empowered guidance for gig-economy creatives, and cultural renegades creating, maintaining, and shifting gears between the big ideas and work life balance.

Who do I help?

ADHD and ADD Baddies
Therapists and Coaches
Sole-Prop, LLC, and S-Corp Business owners

Actors, Musicians, Artists
Social Influencers
Sex Workers
I am excited to offer you guidance in creating sustainable practices for a personal and professional life that you love.

Together we can work to identify your core values, build systems that integrate your needs, develop your career, and build you a network of support.
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Meet founder Elliott Sequoia Endre

Meet founder
Elliott Endre

“Visionaries, especially women and non-binary folk, hold the power to change the world. We need support creating, maintaining, and dissolving businesses that support us and our communities”
About Elliott
About Practice